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When You're So Impressed You Have to Sit Down

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

(Above: Photographic Evidence of Man Sitting Down)

Applying Basecrete has that effect on folks. Plus, we're always happy to visit job sites - big, small or in between. It's what we do, provide an excellent product with excellent customer service. Call us, we'll answer. Keeping busy and waterproofing is what we do. And engineers love Basecrete's specs, while applicators love Basecrete's butter like application. But wait. Because it's Basecrete, there's more good stuff. Basecrete is an easy two-step application: One Vertical. One Horizontal. Done. And Basecrete isn't just for pools -- we're amazing for bridges, parking garages, balconies, cisterns -- if it needs waterproofing, it needs Basecrete.



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