Return to site, a Dolphin and a Swan Walk Into a Hotel in Orlando

Recently in Orlando for a business trip, okay maybe a quick theme park visit on the side, a big ol' flashback for Basecrete at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. Hard to believe 27 years have passed since the iconic and jumbo swan and dolphin were constructed for the rooftops of the two side-by-side hotels. Swan and Dolphin were both given waterproofing - yep - we were involved in that. But why waterproof the two rooftop lovelies?

Sitting out in the elements under all weather conditions requires a reliable, protective barrier - waterproofing protects and preserves, it's that simple. The seasonal variations of temperature experienced in Orlando, including extreme heat, humidity, and summer thunderstorms will easily and quickly destroy building materials - so to protect and preserve the Swan and Dolphin Hotel rooftop icons, we waterproofed them.

And after 27 years of constant weather exposure in their waterproof coating, Swan and Dolphin have been protected and preserved, and look as new as the day they were placed on the rooftops.

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