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Historic Coral Gables Mosaic Tile Pool Instillation Using Basecrete Products

Mosaicist is an architectural mosaic planning and design firm based in Miami that designs and manufacturers incredible mosaic artwork and applications for churches and city projects along with a strong focus on custom designed swimming pools. Over the past 25 years, they have firmly established themselves as leaders in the industry and their gorgeous designs are truly works of art!

When Mosaicist was hired recently to upgrade a pool on a histrionically-designated home in the heart of Coral Gables, FL, they relied on Basecrete products to complete the project. The home was originally built in 1926 and was once owned by Howard Hughes. The original pool was stripped down to the shell because the old plaster was about an inch and a half thick and was applied incorrectly.

After removing the old plaster, the pool builders chose Basecrete for its unmatched flexibility and durability. And, Basecrete was also instrumental in installing the tile design at the bottom of the pool because of it's ability to expand and contract to flawlessly fit the bottom of the pool.

Basecrete is a proprietary blend of polymers and specialized content that is used in some of the world's most beautiful pools. As an all-in-one waterproofing membrane and bondcoat, Basecrete provides exceptional strength and unparalleled adhesion, yet remains flexible to absorb movement in the underlying concrete structure. With its range of applications, Basecrete is the ideal solution to protect or repair any pools or concrete structures.

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