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Defying the Edge of the World

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

Basecrete two-step application works wonders on suspended pools, patented waterproof bondcoat

Suspended infinity edge pools are gorgeous. But it does feel as if you're balanced on the edge of the world in, basically, a tub full of water thrust out into the oh so not solid air. Floating around on a blow-up swan and enjoying the view, worrying thoughts like "is this sucker going to shear off and plunge me to my death?" can ruin a good time. You need confidence in the structure. That's where Ben Lassiter and Basecrete waterproofing and bondcoat come in.

Ben Lassiter and his crew in Texas know what they are doing when it comes to building suspension pools and infinity edges. Dream pools are Mr. Lassiter's speciality and when he builds, he uses Basecrete to waterproof and bondcoat because Mr. Lassiter has the utmost confidence in Basecrete and our customer service, just as Basecrete has the utmost confidence in Mr. Lassiter's consumate skills as a pool builder.

With Basecrete's engineering specs (Basescrete Specs), easy application of one vertical, one horizontal, and butter like application, Basescrete can be rolled, troweled, sprayed (Application Demos). Mr. Lassiter delivers the beauty of a dream pool using Basecrete and we are proud to be a part of it!



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