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Cool Product During Extreme Heat

By Vito Mariano

With a summer that is experiencing heat waves around the globe, Basecrete makes working at sweltering job sites more bearable. Designed for easy on-site mixing, Basecrete is two products, one dry, one wet. Mix it and apply it. That's it. There are no complicated directions. There are no multiple application steps and long wait times for curing. Basecrete offers strength through simplicity.

Basecrete is the all-in-one two-step application that is BOTH bondcoat and waterproofing. Applied with one vertical stroke, one horizontal stroke and done! You can apply Basecrete so many ways - roller, trowel, spray, squeegee. And fewer layers means you decrease delamination. Basecrete eliminates efflorescence. Protects, repairs, restores concrete structures and all water containmenet vessels.

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