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Confidence Game

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

It happens all the time. Nobody thinks about it. They just do it.

Day or night, people simply step out onto their balcony and enjoy. Nobody thinks about their balcony's structural soundness. But with new codes and regulations, Basecrete and engineers are thinking about it.

That's why we're seeing a surge in engineers specifying Basecrete to waterproof and repair balconies. We aren't just for pools! The Product Specs give engineers the confidence they want and applicators love that Basecrete applies like butter.

All-in-one waterproof and bondcoat, Basecrete can be rollered, troweled, squeegeed - it's the easiest application, too: One Vertical. One Horizontal. Done! Take a look for yourself at Basecrete YouTube Application Demos.

We are helping preserve and repair balconies around the world.



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