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Can Orlando Handle More Fun?

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

Orlando, Florida, defines vacation fun with its theme parks and water parks. In fact, Orlando's attractions are one thing that makes Florida a worldwide holiday destination. And adding to the fun, a new water park attraction is coming to Orlando's world famous theme parks. But can it handle more fun? You bet, because behind all the fun and magic is a pretty magic product, too, Basecrete.

Engineers and applicators rely on Basecrete's impeccable credentials and easy one vertical, one horizontal, all-in-one bondcoat and waterproofing membrane. Basecrete is being used to waterproof the incredible and creative water features. Basecrete waterproofs, but it also works to slow water evaporation, which in the sub-tropical heat of Florida is a major plus. Good for the environment. Good for the park. Basecrete is an eco-friendly product.

Because of the free form shape of the water feature, the applicators rolled on Basecrete. Take a quick look at Rollering On Basecrete in Free Form Water Feature. For more videos of Basecrete check out Basecrete Youtube.

And yes! Orlando can handle more fun!



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