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Basecrete & Tributary: Innovative Minds Get Together

By Vito Mariano

Florida in July: Heat and humidity, miserable, oppressive (Weather Channel's words not ours) So what to do when it's too hot and humid to breathe and nary a tourist in sight? We know! Get two of the pool industry's innovators together.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt​

Invite the Tributary folks for a weekend of hands-on Basecrete training and tours. They'll survive the sub-tropics. These folks are made of impressive stuff. Just look at what they accomplish with their pools and spas.

Plus, it's a mutual admiration society of industry innovators. Basecrete admires Tributary's work. And Tributary admires and relies on Basecrete. So it makes perfect sense to get together for an intensive weekend of training in the application and properties of Basecrete, job sites, and meeting others in the industry. 

Photo credits: Top photo, Jeromey Naugle. Bottom photo, Ben Lasseter

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