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Basecrete Saves New York Skyline

Vito Mariano


Forgive us a little hyperbole but New York's historic Woolworth Building selected Basecrete for its pool renovation and other concrete repair and restoration. That's a big deal to us - to be a part of New York's glorious skyline.

The historic Woolworth Building was completed in 1912. Built at a cost of $13.5 million, Frank W. Woolworth financed his building in cash. It is one of the oldest steel-frame skyscrapers in New York, and when completed the building was the tallest building in the world. Now, the grand dame is getting a renovation from her concrete to her pool.

Originally designed to reflect a Pompeian pool, it is the second oldest pool in New York. It will be a stunning renovation with Basecrete providing the strength beneath the beauty. It's an exciting process to have the unused pool, drained and closed in 1999, brought back to life.

Basecrete is now a permanent part of New York's history as the waterproofing and bondcoat of choice for both the pool and concrete repair and preservation on the historic Woolworth Building.

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