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Basecrete Repairs and Preserves Infrastructure

By: Vito Mariano

Basecrete, the all-in-one cementitious waterproofing and bondcoat, is known for waterproofing water containment vessels. However, Basecrete is also used to waterproof, repair and preserve aging and new infrastructure.

Globally, Basecrete is used on these hard infrastructures: High rise balconies. Land and maritime bridges. Tunnels. Seawalls. Building roofs and walls. Mining. Water supply and waste management. This is just a short list of what Basecrete can do through power, strength, and flexibility.

Equally important is the short cure time offered by Basecrete. A short cure saves time and money on the jobsite; this gets the repaired and preserved infrastructure back in action. Another time and money saver is Basecrete mixes quickly and easily at the job site, and spreads like butter. Basecrete may be rolled, sprayed, trowel, even squeegeed.

Because of Basecrete's eco-friendly composition, Basecrete meets rigorous international standards. It's easy to apply with one vertical, one horizontal application, and done.

Check out Basecrete's specs. Or watch Basecrete in action - YouTube has lots of our videos - one of our favorites because it's so wow is this short clip of Basecrete bending. We're ready to answer any questions.

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