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Basecrete Offers Free Hands-On Training

Vito Mariano

Basecrete, all in one waterproofing and bondcoat is designed for flexibility and adhesion. The future of waterproofing provides strength through simplicity. Our application is one vertical, one horizontal stroke, and done. Basecrete goes on like butter and has a short cure time, which saves time and money on the job. We have fantastic engineering specs too - click here and take a look.

Contact your local Basecrete representative and arrange free hands-on training now. Or click on Basecrete to email us and learn about a rep near you.

Basecrete can be rolled, squeegeed, sprayed, troweled. Not just for pools, Basecrete is used for all water containment vessels, balconies, bridges, seawalls, overpasses, parking garages, roofs, floors, stucco - Basecrete waterproofs it all. See some of our application videos on YouTube, just type in Basecrete. Let us show you the superiority of Basecrete with our free-hands-on- training.

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