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Basecrete Gets Plastered

By Vito Mariano

When downtown Sarasota, FL condo Dolphin Towers needed to waterproof the pool on the fourth floor, they used Basecrete flexible waterproofing. And Pebble Tec was their plaster of choice.

Basecrete, the workhorse under the plaster, is both the waterproofing membrane and the bondcoat. It is mixed on site with a super simple process -- pour, mix, apply. That's it. No complicated directions or extra materials that applicators have to haul to the job site.

Applying Basecrete is also simple - strength through simplicity (watch it bend on stainless steel). Basecrete is applied with one vertical stroke, and one horiztonal stroke. Done. That easy. And it goes on like butter. Applicators can roller it, trowel, spray, squeegee. 

Engineered to meet the demands of engineers and the in-the-hole needs of applicators, Basecrete provides flexibility, strength, easy on site mixing, butter like spread, and short cure time.

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