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Balconies Need Waterproofing

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

Basecrete Waterproofing and Bondcoat, a product designed as both the waterproofing and the bondcoat if desired, is being used to waterproof, protect, and repair balconies. With building codes constantly improving, balconies need to meet these codes.

Basecrete has the strength, flexibility, and adhesion engineers prefer. It's easy to see our specs and why engineers want Basecrete. Amazing PSI, tensile, and flexural to start.

Applicators and contractors prefer Basecrete too. Applicators love that it goes on like butter with the easiest application. One vertical stroke, one horizontal stroke, and done. Contractors like our specs too, our price, our cure time, and our customer service. Check out some of Basecrete's YouTube videos.

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