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Amazing Pool Uses Basecrete

By Vito Mariano, Basecrete Tech LLC

South Beach, Miami's landmark Apogee Condo recently completed this stunning pool. Peterbilt and Basecrete teamed-up to bring this 4th floor beauty back to life. Lance Di Bona and his fantastic group from Roman Concrete Restoration applied Basecrete and their workmanship is remarkable.

Suspended pools present waterproofing challenges. Basecrete solves these challenges. Basecrete is perfect for suspended pools because it combines PSI, shear bond, tensile, adhesion, and flexibility to give your pool reliability and our specs prove it. See for yourself with our Product Info. Basecrete makes pools waterproof and creates a bond for the pool's final decorative finish of your choice, such as plaster or tiles.

Basecrete is reliable and easy to apply. It is an all-in-one waterproofing and bondcoat. One vertical, one horizontal, done! And it goes on like butter. Basecrete can be sprayed, troweled, or rolled. Check out this video that shows Basecrete being rolled and squeegeed Basecrete Squeegeed and Rollered. See more videos on Youtube at Basecrete Youtube or simply Basecrete.



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