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BASECRETE: The All in One Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane and Bondcoat

Exceptional Adhesive Qualities

Basecrete is a unique blend of polymers and specialized cement resulting in a waterproof bondcoat of exceptional strength, unparalleled adhesion, yet remains flexible to absorb movement in the underlying concrete structure.  With its range of applications, Basecrete is the ideal solution to protect or repair any concrete structure.

• PSI • Adhesion • Tensile • Shear Bond • Flexibility •

An innovative, cementious waterproofing membrane and bondcoat for endless building possibilities

From Patching to Micro-Topping

Basecrete: All in One Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane & Bondcoat

Suspended Pools

Suspended Pools

Other Applications

Other Applications

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

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